Scale and polish: This is a basic cleaning of the teeth which removes any calculus which can damage the gums.
Perio treatments: These treatments are carried out on patients that have a particular problem with their gums and need more in-depth visits.
Air brushing: Using an air jet mixed with a fine powder the dentist is able to remove the majority of staining which is caused by things
such as tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco.
Amalgam fillings: This is the traditional filling material which is very durable and reasonably priced.
White fillings: This is a modern alternative filling material which is not only durable but is mercury free and gives a natural looking finish.
Root treatments: This is needed if the nerves feeding the tooth have died. It consists of cleaning out the nerve canal and refilling.
Extractions: These are usually carried out under local anaesthetic or if required sedation.
Crowns: This consists of porcelain covering which encases the tooth. alternatively there are post crowns these are a full porcelain
tooth which is attached to a post and this is put in place of a tooth of which only the root is left.
Bridges: A bridge is an ideal way to replace missing teeth. There are many versions but the most common would be for a porcelain
covering, which is bonded to precious metal, going over the teeth either side of the gap with a porcelain constructed tooth
fixed between them therefore filling the gap
Veneers: These are a very clever way of covering damaged or misshapen teeth. they are made of a fine layer of porcelain which
only covers the front of the tooth.
Implants: For those people who can not tolerate or just do not wish to wear dentures and do not like the idea of a bridge an implant
is the most up to date procedure that will answer their problem. The treatment involves placing an implant into the bone
and once this is healed a permanent crown can be attached.
Dentures: We provide acrylic or metal based dentures and these are made using your own specially constructed impression trays
which will fit your mouth perfectly and therefore giving a better fit to your denture.
Denture repairs: Although we do not repair at the surgery we are able to send denture repairs to our local technician who runs a very
efficient service.
Desensitization: This is used when patients find drinking or eating cold items painful. we use a clear varnish which protects and seals the
sensitive area.
Sedation: This is a conscious sedation and involves a small injection in to the arm or hand. A pre-med can also be given to patients
who are un-happy about any of this procedure. Conscious sedation is much safer than general anaesthetic and is very
Night guards: We advice patients to wear these if they have a tendency to grind or clench their teeth at night. This helps minimise any
damage which could be caused to the jaw joint or teeth.
Tooth whitening: This is a procedure which is very popular. It enables you to lighten the natural colour of your teeth leaving you with much
whiter teeth.
Snoring appliance: This device is made to specifically fit your mouth. It is worn at night and is designed to maximise comfort. The appliance
we use was acceptable to 98% of the patients who took part in the clinical trials.
Failed Endodontics: Should a patient have been advised that a previously root treated tooth needs to be re-filled we would be happy to book a
consultation to see if the treatment can be carried out at our practice rather than wait for an appointment at a dental hospital.
Fastbraces: A much faster form of orthodontics which can only take from 3 months to a year and will not require extractions opposed
to the normal 2 or more years with normal orthodontics. It is a fixed brace which comes either in basic metal or the more
discreet white ceramic.
Clearaligner: These are invisible braces which come in the form of clear removable trays
Oralift: A non surgical anti-ageing treatment which helps to restore a patient’s youthful facial contours
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