Preventative Dentistry

Through keeping up with advancing dentistry we hope that our practice can provide our patients not only general dental maintenance but an opportunity to prevent decay and tooth loss by teaching and encouraging good oral hygiene and providing up to date treatments for gum disease and discovering tooth decay at its earliest stages.

When you visit the practice our main aim is to help you maintain a healthy and attractive smile and we believe to do this it is better to prevent problems rather than have to treat them. At examinations the dentist will regularly use a Diagnodent, this device allows the dentist to discover the early stages of decay and therefore deal with the problem before it could become a major concern.

Fissure sealants are also advised as these can help prevent healthy teeth becoming decayed. We also encourage the use of inter-oral products to help keep gums and teeth strong such as water flossers, traditional flosses and interdental brushes.