Dental Check up

Dental Check-up

At the Fencepiece Dental Practice we offer traditional oral maintenance which includes our 16 point health check. Basic cleaning is also available along with instruction concerning oral hygiene. During examinations the dentist will regularly use a Diagnodent, this device allows the dentist to discover the early stages of decay and therefore deal with the problem before it could become a major concern.

The 16 point dental health check

Five of these points will be questions regarding your general health and any concerns you have in connection with the appearance of your teeth or any aches and pains you may be having.

The remaining eleven points involve your examination and are as follows:

  • 1. Monitor teeth that have caused concern
  • 2. Notes from last hygiene appointment
  • 3. Compare last and current gum health scores
  • 4. Check for the presence of plaque
  • 5. Check health of teeth and restorations
  • 6. Check health of tongue, lips, cheeks and skin
  • 7. Check occlusion [how teeth meet together]
  • 8. Check health of joints
  • 9. Check health of glands
  • 10. Check health of teeth and restorations [with x-rays periodically]
  • 11. Check health of bone [with x-rays periodically]

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